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Join Dragoman for the adventure of a lifetime!

If you’re passionate about travel, love mixing with a wide variety of people and want to see the world, then you could join us as crew.

Our recruitment and training package is second to none and offers an in-depth assistance programme to help you get from the initial 1 week trial to the all important 8 week training. This can be challenging work and whether you become a Driver/Mechanic or Tour Leader, the responsibilities and pressures on you individually, and as a team, can test the best of us. It can also be the most rewarding and satisfying thing you’ve ever done. From camping in the wild Andes, to spotting big game in Africa, no two days are ever the same. You will often travel, leading your group all the way, to places rarely visited by tourists.

All of our crew drive our overland trucks so even if you ultimately focus on becoming a dedicated tour leader, you will still need to obtain the correct licence and know your way around our custom built trucks. Likewise, if you’re a natural driver, with a flare for mechanics and managing much of the support work of running the trip, you will still be expected to learn the basics of leading a tour. You will be a specialist but with all round knowledge and expertise in running our trips.

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What’s in it for you?

The rewards of taking on the life of overland crew are varied. Financially you will receive a monthly stipend, daily living allowance and bonuses. Although not a job to grow rich at, many crew manage to save a significant amount of money while on the road as your outgoings are negligible. The real reward is being able to travel and have adventures beyond the scope of all but the most affluent people. It’s not unusual to visit 60+ countries, meet hundreds of new friends, see and experience things beyond your wildest dreams and most importantly join in the camaraderie and supportive network of Dragoman. You’ll also gain a multitude of transferable skills and experience and many crew have moved on to working at NGO’s, travel companies, lodges, national parks and much more. We are looking for an intial commitment of 15 months out on the road and you could be contracted to work in multiple locations or just one continent during this period.

Our bespoke assistance programme, to help you get on the road includes;

  • Free accommodation at the Barns.
  • Living allowance while training.
  • Free, certified, 2 day first aid course
  • Discounts on gear at Cotswold Outdoors and Nomad Travel.
  • Tailored training sessions to emphasise your strengths.
  • Individual and team guidance from key staff in Dragoman to help you get the best out of your training and develop your abilities as quickly as possible.

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The core requirements for each role are:


Tour Leader

  • Exemplary customer service and organisational skills.
  • Ability to calmly and efficiently deal with challenges, group dynamics, on the road issues and to navigate the myriad tangle of local bureaucracy and rules.
  • Good financial and accounting skills to be able to manage trip funds and expenses.
  • High level of tact and diplomacy with passengers, local partners, officials and your fellow crew member.
  • Experience in driving our trucks combined with a sound knowledge of mechanics and safety issues related to the truck (which will be covered in training).
  • Promoting and endorsing our health and safety and responsible tourism policies.


  • High level of driving ability in a variety of challenging situations in a calm and authoritative manner with a mantra of safety and comfort.
  • Mechanical or similar experience to enable safe and efficient maintenance and repair of the truck and all associated equipment.
  • Good interpersonal skills to relate to passengers and support the tour leader in the efficient execution of our tours.
  • Basic experience in computers, customer services, organisation financial management.

It’s important to note that whilst we recognise that very few people have the skills and experience to be both a tour leader and a driver/mechanic, all of our crew are expected to be able to step in to either role when operational situations require it.

Our crew come from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries and are a mixture of ages and sexes (50/50 male/female). We do not assess people by the usual criteria, which is why if you get through your initial interview, you’ll come to our HQ at Camp Green for an extended one week assessment. We are looking for enthusiasm, energy, resourcefulness, ability to stay calm under pressure, and most importantly an ability to get along with people.

There are some basics that we look for in any application and you should be looking to tick off a good proportion of this list:

  • Positive and enthusiastic approach with a love of travel.
  • Initiative and resourceful attitude.
  • Some relevant travel experience, particularly in developing countries. This could be travelling on an overland trip, extended period of back packing, working or living in a remote or difficult region or just some off the wall travel experience that would convince us you’ve got some experience of the rigours and challenges for adventure travel.
  • You should have at least basic organisational and computer literacy skills.
  • Fluent in English.

Most desirable in addition to this is:

  • Previous experience leading groups or tours of any description.
  • Language skills in Spanish, French or Portuguese.
  • Currently hold a PCV or LGV (class C licence).
  • Professional driving or mechanical background.

If this all sounds good to you, complete an application and send it in. There is no commitment at this stage, on either side, but it could just be the start of a new chapter in your life!

This is our application and training process:

Fill out application and submit. Take your time with this and include anything and everything that could interest us.


We carefully review your application and if successful invite you for an initial interview. In exceptional circumstances we can do this via Skype but our preference is to meet you and for you to visit Camp Green.


If successful after interview we will invite you to join us and some fellow crew applicants for a one week assessment at Camp Green. Accommodation is provided in the Barns and the purpose of this is to give Dragoman and you a more extended period to get to know each other. There will a number of tasks to do and the purpose is not to test you but to see where your strengths and weaknesses lay. You also need to assess in depth if you feel this lifestyle is right for you.


Following successful completion of the ‘One Week’ you will be invited to join one of our 8 week training programmes. Now the work starts as you will need to get all of your licences, paperwork and vaccinations in order prior to joining your training session.


When you’re ready you will join us for the 8 week training. This is the big step and an exciting part of any overland crew’s journey. At this point we will be working with you to establish whether your strengths are as a tour leader or co-leader/driver. The work can be hard and there is a huge amount to learn but this is all good preparation for being on the road. You will also get to enjoy the delights of the Suffolk village that we are based and its 2 pubs, shops, leisure centre and beautiful open countryside.


At some point as your training nears its end, you will be ‘contracted’ to go out on the road. This will initially be as a trainee.


Departure day! The day arrives when you leave the UK and fly (or drive) out on your first adventure. You will now be part of the Dragoman ‘crew’ family and all of the support and encouragement you’ve received during training will now become over shadowed by your own growing skills and confidence. On the road training can last up to 6 months but is until the point where the crew that you are working with, and Dragoman operations, feel that you’ve reached the point to lead or co-lead your own trips.


You’re now a fully fledged overland crew and delivering trips of a lifetime to our customers and having the time of your life in the process! Learning and developing will continue as you work with other crew and at some point in time you will become the leader that takes a trainee under your wing and show them the ropes.


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