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Overland Africa’s least-travelled region

With breathtaking rainforests and an incredible range of wildlife, and diverse tribes each with their own cultures, traditions and beliefs, there’s a lot in Central Africa for the overland traveller to discover. Notoriously bureaucratic, often lacking in infrastructure, and with a tumultuous colonial history, these countries are some of the trickiest in the world to travel through. This is the least-travelled region in Africa, so if you’re looking to get off the beaten path, look no further.

Central Africa is characterised by hot and wet climates on both sides of the equator. The region is largely drained by Africa’s second longest river, the Congo, which begins at the junction of the Lualaba and Luvua rivers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and flows southwest to the Atlantic Ocean. The Congo Basin is the second largest tropical rainforest in the world; this in turn is surrounded by a patchwork of savannas and other forests.

On our overland journeys in Central Africa, you’ll see spectacular natural scenery, meet fascinating villagers and tribespeople, visit community projects, and learn about the region’s chaotic past. Whether you’re meeting the Chief of the settlement of Junkville in Gabon, gazing out over the Atlantic Ocean from your viewpoint atop the Diosso Gorge, observing the influence of Portuguese colonialism in Angola’s capital city Luanda, or visiting a community primary school in Nigeria, take the road less travelled in Central Africa for an unforgettable overland adventure.