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Central America is a region yearning to be explored by the adventurous overland traveller. It has all the right elements for an unforgettable trip - incredible history, fascinating indigenous cultures, stunning coral reefs, beaches and wilderness, exciting activities, and wonderful food and music! The region also has a great infrastructure for travellers, meaning some great hotels and guesthouses and a warm welcome wherever you go.

Must-do highlights...

With Dragoman you'll get to explore all the must-do highlights of the region such as the phenomenal Mayan ruins of Tikal, Chichen Itza and Copán, the majestic volcanoes of Isla Ometepe, La Fortuna and Pacaya, and the atmospheric colonial towns of Antigua, Oaxaca and Granada.

...and hidden gems

We'll also head to some of the region's hidden gems, such as a trek through Cerro Verde National Park in El Salvador, the incredible deserts of northern Mexico, seeing the mighty Panama Canal, rafting through the rapids of Costa Rica, exploring the jungles looking for the amazing wildlife and exotic birds, and a visit to our community project in Guatemala. The choice and variety available on a Dragoman trip to Central America is endless!